slide film photography

Recently I’ve taken up analog film photography, and bought this second-hand analog SLR camera, the Canon AE-1.


It’s a 35mm slide film camera and has an automatic aperture option which is pretty cool for a 1976 model ~

Here are a couple shots from the first roll of film I shot with this, being pretty new to analog film photography, the rest of my shots were very amateur and just not very good in general but I want to post them anyway, I guess this blog will become a sort of progress journal ☺️


ISO100 1/4 F8


ISO100 1/2 F8

These shots are from a previous roll of film I shot, using a Pentax camera – not sure which SLR model it was, I forgot 😅

I made my friend run back and forth quite a few times just so I could get this shot hahaha

slide 009

ISO100 1/500 F3.5

These next two exposures have light leaks – I screwed up when taking the film out of my camera 😢 But I still think that they add an interesting quality to the photographs that didn’t get ruined ~

slide 011

ISO100 1/60 F5.6


ISO100 1/125 F5.6

Yeeaahh… anyway I guess I’ll be posting on here a lot more often from now on, stay tuned ☺️



so lately i’ve been trying to experiment more with my polaroid because even though i’ve had it for a few years now, i never really noticed how much i actually like the instant effect that film has

making chinese dessert

Chinese steamed milk custard (双皮奶)

Basically i got really bored and tired and sick of working, and i had a craving for this bomb ass dessert so i googled how to make it at home so i wouldnt have to leave the house lol

Ingredients i used:

  • 1 egg white
  • 100 ml cold milk
  • 1 Tbsp sugar

So what i did was pour all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed them, and then sift it through a fine sieve to get rid of the bubbles and just to make sure it was smooth for the classic milk custard texture.

I covered the bowl with aluminium foil and steamed it in a wok (kind of like a cooking pot) on medium-high heat for 10 minutes, before turning the heat off. I let it sit in there for another 10 minutes with the lid on before serving, and this is the result… which i’m actually very happy with! it’s so smooth and soft and yummy im so in love 😍IMG_0724.JPG


This was actually a perfect recipe for a quick DIY dessert, especially if you’re lazy! This required minimal effort to make. (which is what i weigh all my options against when it comes to making decisions in my life)


pre-sugar high

lunar new year – my family left me at home so i could focus on holiday homework, but being my easily distracted and impulsive self… i made this:

a marshmallow cookie crumb brownie cake 🌚🌝

it’s not like there’s a bake-sale coming up at school or anything, just gonna eat this by myself ha ha h a

all i can say now as i’m waiting for it to bake in the oven is that i’m totally ready for the major sugar high that this is gonna give me 😂

UPDATE: the brownie tastes amazing !!!! this is after about an hour (total) in the oven and i cannot be happier



Black coffee and cigarettes

Your body is yours now – your skin stretches
comfortably around its heights and its
depths, its hills and crevices, the scars of
old, the sights, the colours, the smells, all
that you have absorbed in your life –
the joy and the pain.
Your soul nestles within – it even
purrs at times.
You breathe.

But still,
there are moments.
When darkness beckons and your soul
trembles; when you feel jagged and hollow, like
a bottomless void, a continent with howling
winds and dark storms, sheer cliffs and
parched deserts, wild animals that
roam hungry, icy crevasses where
no light can reach.

Perhaps this is how it was at
the beginning, when you lay
shrouded in darkness, and raged
against the dying light, the
confined space, the relentless thump
of your mother’s heartbeat, an
echo of things to come.

There are moments.

I am sorry, you say, yet again.
I am sorry for my darkness…

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